Why Tungsten Nymphs are a huge fly fishing favourite?

Tungsten nymphs are arguably the most favoured river fly pattern. They are nymphs where the usual brass beads are replaced with tungsten beads in all shapes, sizes and colours. Tungsten nymphs reach the fish in the strongest river stream and deepest pools.

If you want uber-efficient nymph patterns, choose Tungsten Nymphs.
Over the years the evolution of tungsten nymphs has been boosted by their use in fly fishing competitions, where trends in contemporary nymph expertise across fly fishing meccas like France, Italy, Belgium and the Czech Republic has driven innovation. You can find more information on tungsten nymphs here.

Get started with Tungsten Nymphs, sharpen your fly fishing skills.
You should get familiar with categories like deadly trout and grayling flies, and focus on learning how to hunt coarse fish in non-trout rivers. Tungsten Nymphs are incredibly flexible, almost universal flies which enable you to catch fish all around the planet.

Tungsten Nymphs are the chosen tools of fishers at the top of the game.
Which means the technology is constantly being improved. Tungsten Nymphs have made waves in waters around the world. One of the secrets to success is that Tungsten weighs twice as much as brass, so tungsten nymphs go deeper, faster in deep waters with heavy current.

UV protection is a priority for fine-tuned fishing with Tungsten Nymphs.
Modern tactical tungsten nymphs are made with UV reactive and reflective material, and carefully researched usage in across international fly fishing competitions has shown that inclusion of UV protection in fly tying generates more efficient fishing for some species, including rainbow trout.


Native species flies
Flies for native species such as Bass, Murray cod, Saratoga and Barramundi are all exciting species to fish for, as they all surface strike in a spectacular fashion. They have huge mouths that suck in large volumes of water to attack their prey, in doing so they create a great spectacle for the fly fisherman.

These native flies are a far cry from the traditional flies we use for trout. For surface flies we use a lot of synthetic flashy materials also brightly coloured foam and large rubber legs.
Heavy weighted flies are also tied for bottom fishing mostly using long streamer hackle and flashy synthetics. Hook sizes range from size 6 to 5/0 predator hooks.

Saltwater flies
Why saltwater flies are an essential for any serious fly fisher.
Saltwater flies are a class act, innovated to imitate a huge range of inshore, offshore and estuarial baitfish, crustaceans and other saltwater prey. You’ll usually notice a pattern that represents a shrimp, crab, baitfish, or a mix of the three. They are superb for sub-surface & surface patterns.

All you need to know about shopping for saltwater flies.
Shopping for saltwater flies can be a really confusing, daunting and tricky task to master for a fly angler, particularly when preparing for a fishing trip. There is such a huge range of flies to select from, plus many of the names are fanciful and hard to browse through.

So it’s no surprise that many fly fishers simply end up purchasing saltwater flies at random, which in all seriousness is not a bad way to do it. Because all it takes is a good varied selection of baitfish flies and top-water “dry” flies, and you’ll be set up to fish in pretty much any lake, pond, river, or stream.

Should you wish to transition your fly fishing skills to saltwater, bear in mind that saltwater fly fishing depends on more than wet flies or streamers – i.e. flies that dive under the water surface – than it does on the dry flies which sit on the surface top.

The must-haves in Saltwater Flies!

Clouser Minnow
The Clouser Minnow is a fly that is regarded as fundamental to a good fish around the world, for any kind of fly fishing. Its value spreads across the saltwater arena, especially in fishing the flats.

Disco Shrimp
A Disco Shrimp fly is the most realistic shrimp imitations of any fly, making it an absolute essential for any saltwater fly fishing expedition. The design causes a scene and fish flock in to investigate.

Avalon Keel Crab
The Avalon Keel Crab fly basically combines the best bits of the Disco Shrimp and the Clouser Minnow, resembling a common type of prey for saltwater species attracting the right attention.

Everglades Special
Everglades Special is a special one-of-as-kind fly that can catch a huge variety of game fish species, interestingly without actually looking exactly like any particular kind of food type.

Lefty’s Deceiver
As with the the Clouser Minnow, the Lefty’s Deceiver is a popular wet fly streamer that will definitely be stocked in the vast majority of saltwater fly fishers’ tackle box – and for good reason!